The arrival of a new baby, the uniting of step or adopted children within a family,  or an adult name change are all excellent reasons to hold a naming ceremony.  These ceremonies will always involve family and special friends and there is  the opportunity for significant persons to act as sponsors, mentors, and supporters.
While very similar to a wedding, these ceremonies are not legally binding but rather a public affirmation of a couple's commitment one to the other. While often used by people unable to marry under the law, there are an increasing number of couples opting for a commitment ceremony for quite varied reasons
Ceremonies for the renewal of vows have no legal status and are mostly celebrated with an anniversary. There are, however, couples using the renewal of vows following a new beginning in their lives or to celebrate the resurgence of their relationship after a tough time.
Nothing is better than gathering to rejoice in the past, look with excitement at the future, and give children the opportunity to celebrate the relationship that nurtured them.
House blessings are the most common, but there are ceremonies for the blessing of cars, boats, pets and other significant acquistions.
The end of a relationship is always sad but does not have to be a tragedy. Giving thanks for good times, commiting to continuing friendship and/or joint nuture of children can bring a sense completeness and new hope.
There are many other 'Rites of Passage': Birthdays; Graduations; Engagements; New Careers.   Contact Christopher to see how he can assist you in making the occassion remarkable and memorable.

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