Arranging and attending the funeral of a loved one is is undoubtedly one of the most difficult experiences of life - grief has a ragged edge and emotions are raw.

It is also not easy to get the balance of a service just right. We are in grief yet also in life and, while a funeral is not a joyous time, it is also not a black hole from which we will never emerge. Christopher's many years of expereince as a funeral celebrant enable him to express love, grief, hope, and even humour in a poignant and dignified celebration of life.

He believes the funeral service is very important. It not only allows us to dispose reverently of the mortal body but gives both the immediate family and the wider community the opportunity to express grief, offer sympathy, and tell the stories that will bring comfort in the years to come.

Christopher is available for burials, cremations, the scattering or interment of ashes, memorials, and the blessing of tombstones. He will ensure that any service is culturally appropriate, sensitive to the spirituality of the departed, and uplifting for those in mourning.

Christopher Desgrand

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